Best Things To Do in Rome with Ian and Ana

The video titled “Best Things To Do in Rome” by travel channel Ian and Ana takes viewers on a journey through the magnificent city of Rome, Italy. Ian and Ana introduce the video by mentioning how Rome is one of the most popular cities in the world, but that also means it can get crowded. However, they quickly point out that the city’s beauty and historical significance make it worth it.

The video then takes viewers on a tour of some of the must-see landmarks of Rome. The Colosseum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is a popular destination, and the video showcases the impressive structure and its history. The video then moves on to another iconic landmark, Vatican City, which is home to the Pope and the Vatican Museums. Ian and Ana express their awe at the art and architecture inside the Vatican, especially the Sistine Chapel.

One of the highlights of the video is the focus on the smaller, lesser-known sights in Rome. Ian and Ana encourage viewers to explore the city on foot and discover hidden gems like the colorful buildings and over 2,000 fountains scattered throughout the city. The famous Trevi Fountain is one of the most photographed and visited fountains in Rome, and the video shows viewers the beauty and grandeur of the fountain.

Another unique experience showcased in the video is the opportunity to learn how to make pasta from scratch. Ian and Ana take a cooking class and show viewers how to make fresh pasta dough and turn it into delicious pasta dishes. They also explore the local food scene, highlighting their favorite gelato spots and traditional Roman dishes like cacio e pepe.

Throughout the video, Ian and Ana’s enthusiasm for Rome is infectious. They express their love for the city and its people, and how they hope to travel around Italy someday. The video ends with them expressing their excitement for future travels and encouraging viewers to add Rome to their travel bucket list.

Best Things To Do in Rome by Ian and Ana is an excellent video for anyone planning a trip to Rome or looking to explore the city virtually. Ian and Ana’s passion for the city shines through, and their recommendations and tips for exploring Rome are insightful and helpful. Whether it’s the famous landmarks or hidden gems, there’s something for everyone in Rome.

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